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Hickory Smoked Bacon - Thick sliced - comes in 1 # packages   - Once you've had our Bacon you won't go back to your old Bacon.    

PORK TENDERLOIN - The best cut of Pork - rub, marinate, grill or smoke  - very good

A smoked cut from the loin area, very tender, very easy to prepare, a great alternative for a family meal

3/4 inch thick, great tasting, lean -  a wonderful source of protein 

5 - 6 # roast from loin - smoke. grill or oven bake, you can't win a cookout contest without our loins

HICKORY SMOKED HAM - The way ham should be - full of flavor, & tender.
Whole - 15 #  - great for a special event or holiday
Half - 7 - 8 #
         Quarter -  3-4#,
perfect for family meal

 Hickory Smoked Ham slices - A center cut slice of smoked Ham, excellant for breakfast or heat up on grill / oven  - (1 - 2#)

COUNTRY STYLE RIBS - Use your best rib recipes on these  slow cook or grill great for pig wings

PORK SPARE RIBS   - Whole rack ( 5#) or half rack (2.5#)  great recipes for ribs on recipe page.

PORK ROASTS - Slow cook, very tender, tasty Pork, pull for awesome pulled Pork sandwiches (recipe on recipe page)  

BREAKFAST SAUSAGE - We have done a lot of R & D to find the best tasting breakfast sausage, here are our 3 favorites.

COWBOY - Just the right amount of spices to make a flavorful sausage, great for breakfast or add to soups & chili

RAZORBACK - Hard to find spicy breakfast sausage, add to chilli, or makes a great dip

GARLIC - A milder alternative with a garlic flavor

NORTHSTAR RANCH BRATS - We offer 4 kinds of Brats from the spicy to exotic, were sure you will find your favorite here.

       REGULAR -
A great Brat, can't go wrong with these.

Adds a differant flavor to go along with the other Brats

Wild Rice and All Natural Pork, who would have thought that combination would make one of the best tasting Brats you can buy 

A fan favorite, a very unique flvor, made with 2 kinds of cheese,  they are a bit spicy.

JALEPENA & CHEESE SUMMER SAUSAGE - Comes in a 2# stick, great for a appetizer, slice & eat

GROUND PORK - What the name says - a wonderful alternative to ground beef, great for spaghetti sauces, hotdishes or combine  to make awesome grilled burgers.


           TENDERLOIN -
The best most tender cut, wrap with bacon or leave as is, cut with a fork.-
 ( 1/3 # )

  RIBEYE - A great all american steak, hard to keep in stock ( 3/4#)

NEW YORK STRIP - A tender, great tasting steak, (1/2#)

T-BONE STEAK - A larger steak - great on the grill, can't go wrong with this steak  (1#)

SIRLOIN STEAK - awesome taste & tenderness at a smaller price

ROUND STEAK - This cut will make great chicken fried steak, salsbury, & swiss steak, check out our recipe page (1#)

BEEF ROASTS - All our Beef Roasts are 3-4 pounds

        SIRLOIN TIP ROAST - A wonderful boneless roast, this is a high end raost that will go well with anything.

CHUCK ROAST - Has a lot of flavor, excellant slow cooked, slice & eat or use to make roast beef sandwiches
ARM ROAST - Great choice for a family meal, has bone in for added flavor

RUMP ROAST - Flavorful & delicious

STEW MEAT - Choice cuts of Beef - cubed - excellant for soups, stews, and appetizers - very tender

STIR - FRY / FAJITA MEAT - Sliced into strips ready for your stir fry or fajita - recipe


SHORT RIBS -  A select cut of beef ribs, very flavorful & tender - check out our rib recipes. (3-4#)

BEEF RIBS - Good old American grass fed beef ribs - impress your family / friends with our ribs 

GROUND BEEF -  Lean (about 90% ) great flavor - a staple of the american diet, healthy and packed with protien.