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CAPTAIN  - Our 2000 pound bull - Captain is a purebred Hereford bull - we like the hereford breed, mainly for the tenderness and quality of meat it is known for, but we also like the  docile qualities of the breed.       

Just hanging out - This is one of my favorite pictures - these are two of our Momma cows with calves, we use Angus and Angus cross cows, the pastures are a grass/legume mix.  As you can see the cows are tame non stressed, which is important when it comes to the end product. 

A couple of new born calves, when you cross Hereford & Angus you get what is called a black baldy, a white face or head and black body are characteristics of the cross. they will reach 12-1300 pounds in a 14-18 months. 

Captain & Roxy (horse) Captain looks smaller he is standing in background.   Most horses have a natural dislike for cows.  kind of like a dog & cat relationship - In this picture you can see Roxy's ears back and showing a disgusted look At Captain who is across fence.   Out of boredom Roxy will herd all the cows to certain areas of pasture.